Cloud based audit & risk management for any organization, anywhere.

Ensuring compliance in a world of risk & regulations.

Our offering?

Audit management, risk management and follow-up of action plans at your fingertips.


Allows building a corporate structure from SME to large multinationals.


Optimize audit preparations using rich survey functionalities and configurable risk assessments.

User Centric

User-friendly interface to register findings, grade processes & audits, and to assess risk with dashboards at your fingertips.


Automated task & event management, audit & assessment scope determination and reporting.

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An Iterative Process

Risk, audit and compliance manage go hand in hand delivering input and outcomes in an integrated way.


Risk Management

Mitigate risks by initiating continuous risk assessments, resulting in actionable heat maps.


Audit Management

Using fully customizable surveys, configure the audit process according to your company’s needs.


Action Tracking

Taking action to address audit findings or mitigate assessed risks.

Our Services

Our baseline solution offers the tools you need to manage risks, initiate and follow-up assessments, and perform audits on specific areas aligned with policies in place.

  • A cost effective solution scaled at your needs.
  • Audit surveys tailored to your line of business.
  • Adapting the solution to your needs.
  • Training on the job, learning to leverage the application to its fullest.

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